* Allergy Concerns
We bake our vegan and gluten-free cookies in our kitchen dedicated for baking our cookies only. We use tree nuts as a part of our menu. You can find the specific allergens on each of the cookie pages. We do our best to prevent cross-contamination, but we are not an allergy-free facility.

* Will you have more cookie flavors in the future?
Yes! We’re launching the shop with 4 flavors (3 classic plus 1 seasonal) while we streamline our production to make the best quality cookies in small batches. From 2022 and beyond, we hope to introduce more fun, delicious flavors that meet our highly selective procedure of testing and tasting.


* Can I order in advance?
Yes! We recommend ordering up to 4 weeks in advance, especially ahead of the year-end holiday season. We may temporarily disable the ordering function when we reach our daily capacity. Our bake-and-ship on the same day policy applies to every order, so your order will be baked and shipped on a pre-arranged date even if the order is made weeks in advance. Make sure to email us at hello@foruscookies.com to confirm the ship date after you make a purchase from our online shop.

We ship the cookies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, to be delivered in 1 to 4 days, to minimize the impact of any unforeseen delays which may also cause having the cookie boxes sitting in a carrier warehouse over the weekend. We do our best for your cookies' safe arrival before the weekend, but please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee the exact arrival date

* Is your packaging recyclable/sustainable?
Yes! We put together our packaging carefully so that all of our packaging elements are environmentally friendly and made with recycled and/or sustainable materials. They are also compostable and/or recyclable, including the cellophane cookie bag made from wood cellulose fibers. Check out our Sustainability page for more information on our packaging and our commitment to sustainability in other parts of our virtual cookie shop.


* Do you offer corporate gifts?
Yes! We offer customized gifting experiences with our cookies and your branded collaterals. We are happy to create custom assortments of our cookies. Please fill out the Inquiry Form on the Corporate Gifting page to get the planning started!


* Can I come to your kitchen to buy the cookies?
Please understand that we only bake-to-order our cookies, so we don’t have cookies for walk-in customers.

* Can I come to your kitchen to pick up my online order?
Yes, curbside pickup is available on Mondays and Tuesdays between 1 and 4PM. Please choose "Pick up" for the Delivery Method at Checkout. After placing an online order, email us at hello@foruscookies.com your order number to arrange a pickup time.

* Do you make local deliveries in New York City?
Stay tuned! We’re working on it!